10 Top Reasons

1. You Love It

To tell you the truth, nobody is going to create online courses if you don't love the idea and don't believe in it. You may be a school, a training provider or a corporate. Somewhere you have to believe that online is the way to go. You can look at debates. The answer is in your own experience and your own instinct.

2. What's to Love?

You love that you are free and your students are free. You love that you respect each other's time. You love that you are free to get on with the learning on the basis that each one is a pure and true learning machine - out there, for one thing - to learn what needs to as efficiently as can. It's not about filling in the hours; it's not about funding. It's about the skills one needs to have.
There's no doubt that e-learning does it efficiently. I agree that you need a person ultimately; but ultimately; after you've learnt a fair amount on your own. Just like when you research something on the internet.

3. So you do need teachers?

Ultimately, teachers are everything. They are the human face of learning as opposed to the face of the computer. They are the face at the other end of the telephone. But no teacher has the time anymore to be everything - the person conveying information, the person using mnemonics, the person who's the inspiration, let alone the one meeting targets in busy classrooms, doing admin, or meeting teachers, parents and managers. If some of the learning is completed on a computer it allows you to be the person students love and learn from, the face of the skill. This makes their learning journeys more successful which works for both of you.

4. How do You Think Schools Would Work?

I think it is the responsibility of every teacher to make sure that the material a child needs to know to be clever, literate, amazing and informed is available without the teacher needing to be there. As on Youtube. I think if we do that, students will approach teachers for the unknown quantum of expertise they hold and teachers will truly be valued for what they are and do.

5. An Extension of Self

It was Marshall McLuhan who defined how media is an extension of oneself. If the television extends how far we can see and the radio how far we can hear, the computer extends how much we can process; in essence, it extends the brain. To learn without a computer, is truly to be disadvantaged.
There are enough reports about being digitally disadvantaged for this to be evident. Children who have computers at home get better grades than those who don't. Disengaged teenagers on a literacy task were immediately interested when handed computers.
Online learning is like the light bulb in the room that McLuhan described. It says nothing but it changes everything with the light it casts. We have changed because now we have virtual space.

6. So What's the Next Step?

Let's face facts. If you're serious about your online technology you need to own your own platform. Building a course takes as long as it does, and if you can't be sure that you will still have your learning platform tomorrow, you can't build courses. It's like writing on sand.
So the next step is to gather your resources and hire a company to build you a platform.

7. What's the Advantage of Going with You?

The advantage of going with Learning Platforms, this company, is our terms of use. You get a ready-made platform on which you try out the concept. What this means exactly is that we give you a platform which you try, on which you build courses. After everyone in your team has given it a go, you know more clearly, what works and what doesn't work for you.
At that point you ask us to modify your build until you get what you want.
The advantage of this is that you don't have to start from scratch until you have your platform with all the hazards of that development - you have it readymade to alter until it suits you.
And for all you know, this excellent platform may be more than you can imagine and more than you need.

8. Anything Else?

This is the best platform money can buy. It has won awards for its features and for the successful teaching that occurs on it. Version 1 won a silver e-learning award for work we did for Wigan Council, UK, in the public sector. Now we are on Version 3.
If you have used a platform before and are disappointed about how that worked, or how it didn't, then this is your chance to think ? THAT wasn't a good platform, let me try it again on Version 3 of Learning Platforms and see what happens.

9. Integration with Current Apps In Use

Leave it to us. For one of our clients, we integrated Scratch into the student portfolios. Everything you want can be integrated if you love some of the things you use.

10. And if I Want to Leave You?

If you want to leave us, we will hold your resources in our server in a legacy site for 1 year until you are ready to transfer them to a new server. This means that you take your time to set yourself up and in the meantime we look after everything.

11. And What if We Leave You?

This company has been around for 10 years now through thick and thin and partner deaths. It is a lean company bent on survival. If we do vanish into the hole of disappearing software companies, your software is yours to take with you into an independent server of your own.
There are standard terms in the software industry that protect customers from corporation death. Basically, the source code for your product is given to you. So you are safe.

More Than 10 Reasons
Great Design :
  • Did we tell you that you get great design? Currently, we have a good interface that we know works with learners. If you would like your own design, it's no problem. And this isn't just the loading pages. Make it beautiful.
Primary School Designs :
  • We have a special interface designed for young children. This is not only about pretty colours and pictures; it also contains special templates that allow you to address the learning needs of young learners. We would like to recommend that they be used to teach phonics and reading, with children contributing words. (The medium is the message.)
Student Portfolios :
  • We have e-portfolios that allow students to load up their work. If the school can afford hosting, we would like to suggest that you allow students to put their work in, steadily through the school year. These can be public or private portfolios.
  • Videos, audios, photographs and essays. Not just on snapchat. On E-portfolio. Because - as we said, this is for the long run.
How Do I Contact You? :
  • Ring 0161-2489170. Visit our office at 12 Kingsway, M19 2DD. Or fill in our Contact Us form and we will get in touch.