To begin with, you get a quarter million pounds of development - FREE OF CHARGE.

This is the basic platform with which you begin.

Because we customise your platform for you, if you are in for the long run, it's like having no capital cost because you move from rented to owned in one product. There is no catch. This is not untrue.

Here's how it works. Our pricing model begins with a basic cost to confirm your contract. After that we calculate the cost you pay each month depending on

  • whether or not you want any customisation,
  • or the number of students you expect to support
  • whether or not you want to offer students e-portfolios (this determines how much space you need on a server).
What is really of significance is that after you decide you want the platform with the customisation you're dreaming about, you simply pay for the customisation and not the capital cost it took to get there.

If you are sure, you don't ever want to customise and will always be renting, you will be paying an initial set-up cost and then 4.53 per student annually and you will use the platform for as long as you want to.

Every purchase comes with coaching on the pedagogy of e-learning.