The New VLE Pedagogy

Getting a VLE is easy. Using it, isn't. It's not about the nuts and bolts, it's about the new pedagogy.

The only theory yet, is that of the flipped classroom, but as teachers shake their heads and tell you, classroom management and flipped classrooms don't quite work.

Under these circumstances, more important than the purchase of your platform, is the purchase of the pedagogy to run it.

This is where we come in. We are award-winners in creating content and using virtual learning environments. Our students complete courses. Our students keep coming back to them. And we show you what to do so your students do that, too.

Busy Teachers?

One of the reasons why virtual learning environments didn't take off is because teachers don't have the time to create resources. And struggle with the e-learning pedagogy.

This is where we step in.
We give you the platform and pedagogy. We will upload the content the teacher gives us and put it on the platform in a way that complements that teacher's personal teaching style and classroom.
Therefore, magic.

Why bespoke?

A bespoke, personal learning platform is the way to go for institutions that want a serious
e-learning strategy.

  • This is because you own your platform so you know that the resources you put on it will not have to be shifted around when your lease expires.
  • It suits the learning style your institution uses.
    For example, one institution may want to use their learning platform for blended learning. Another might want to use it for supplementary learning. Another might go all the way and use their learning platforms with flipped classrooms. You need to ensure that your virtual learning environment will do what you want it to do.
Great design

A bespoke learning platform can be made with your own design.

  • This allows you to underscore your institution's identity and learning delivery.
  • Learners respond better to a platform that looks good and is a pleasure to use.

State-of-the-art gives you platforms that are easy to use.

  • One of our main objectives is to make life easy for teachers, not add an additional burden.
  • The security is complete.
  • The reliability is assured.

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